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Brand Highlight: Telcel America

In the highly interconnected world of today, cell phones are one of the basic essentials of everyday living. It’s easy to see why our reliance on cell phones has grown over the years – as technological innovations have ensured that today’s models are capable of completing almost any task. Available for more than just communication, cell phones can perform significant roles in work, business, education, and social interaction. According to the professor of communication at Rutgers University,  billions of individuals use cellphones today, across the globe.

Telcel America is a prepaid, pay-as-you-go phone service that allows customers the freedom to escape from awkward credit checks, long- term contracts and more. Telcel also has no age limits – meaning that any person, of any generation can reap the benefits of a reliable wireless service. A company that offers coverage to many of the most popular networks throughout the United States, Telcel gives users the opportunity to expand their communication networks across mobile and land lines in Mexico, and the U.S.

Accessing Telcel America Services

Telcel America is one of the many services powered by TracFone Wireless – the largest no-contract provider of cell phones within the United States. TracFone and Telcel America give their consumers access to the highest quality handsets from leading manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, and Motorola, and their aim is to deliver dependable connectivity between people – closing the distance between friends, colleagues, and opportunities.

Because Telcel and Tracfone focus on delivering complete peace of mind and satisfaction to cell phone users across America, they deliver wireless coverage through the best networks in the United States. This ensures that users can always send texts and calls wherever, and whenever they need to. Although Telcel America phones will only work within the whole territory of the U.S., they are by far one of the most popular options for individuals who want access to communication technology that works with virtually any unlocked smart phone.

Known as the number one cell brand throughout Mexico, Telcel America provides the lowest-cost international plans for long distance unlimited calling to mobile phones and landlines, without the strain or restriction of an annual contract. Instead of having to pay out a huge chunk of money each year, customers get the option to pay for their service on a monthly basis – according to their specific needs. This means that every consumer receives a tailor-made service, perfect for their requirements.

The Benefits of Telcel America

Telcel America customers access low costs for handsets from leading manufacturers, without the hassle of identity or credit checks. What’s more, with Rush Star Wireless, agents can benefit from delivering impeccable service to their consumers. While Telcel America brings customers the best in international service plans, covering data, texting, and calls, Rush Star wireless delivers exceptional support and service to agents that use them as a Telcel wholesaler.

Telcel America customers and agents both benefit from an incredible service. Consumers gain the national coverage they need to meet their cellphone needs, while agents receive reliable payouts for commission, simple web portals, marketing support, and quick product delivery.

It’s impossible to deny that cellphones have become a crucial part of today’s world. Today, we rely on cellphones for everything from receiving information about a product or service, to purchasing new items, updating our social media statuses, and connecting with loved ones. Today’s cellphones are capable of far more than making and receiving phone calls. Cell phones today can store data, give access to multimedia meetings and email, and even take pictures or create spreadsheets. However, if you want to make the most out of modern cell phones, you need a service provider that you can rely on. That’s where Telcel America comes in.

wireless trade shows

Top 6 Wireless Trade Shows in the U.S.

Trade shows are a great way to network and gain a lot of expertise in your industry in a short amount of time. For exhibitors, it can also mean excellent exposure to a target audience. Since the economy has seen a comeback, travel to industry trade shows is increasing each year as companies recognize it as a smart investment for marketing, learning and business exposure.

In a study conducted by CEIR, 99 percent of marketers said that they believed attending trade shows provided unique experiences and values that could be found in no other medium. What’s more — the average trade show attendee spends 8.3 hours visiting exhibits, which gives those presenting at the event a distinct, captive audience. It’s clear that attending a trade show can be a smart, savvy way to do business and it’s a tool that every small business should seek out.

When it comes to the wireless industry, there is no shortage of U.S. trade show options. These conventions often feature the latest in technology trends and give a sneak peek of what the wireless industry as a whole can expect in coming months.

So how do you know which wireless trade shows are worth your company’s time and financial investment?

Take a look at six of the highest-attended U.S. wireless trade shows that you really shouldn’t miss:

International CES®

January, Las Vegas

International CES®, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is the largest electronics show in the country. In the past decade, this has meant a large presence for the wireless industry as “smart” phones, appliances and even vehicles are now mainstream. Held in Las Vegas every January, CES® attracts 150,000 industry professionals. Large companies often save new product or technology announcements for this trade show that is not open to the general public, and then use the spotlight from the event to announce those new endeavors.


June, Las Vegas

This summer conference is also held in Las Vegas and attracts 40,000 technology professionals. Specifically, those who work with audio, video, digital signage, digital content creation, signal distribution and projection benefit from this week-long trade show. Wireless professionals can find a great audience for their products and services.

Super Mobility Week

September, Las Vegas

Held in September, this trade show brings in 40,000 international professionals to discuss the role of mobile technology in “business, home, health, money, auto, retail, media, networks, and beyond.” With over 1,000 exhibitors from all realms of the wireless industry, Super Mobility Week is all about looking ahead to the future of mobile technology.

International Wireless Communications Expo

March, Las Vegas

For nearly forty years, this exposition has been the place to showcase new products and trends in the wireless industry. This trade show is often attended by government, law enforcement and utility professionals. The five-day trade show brings in 7,000 attendees.

Enterprise Connect

March, Kissimmee Florida

This trade show is designed to help companies maximize their technology investments, particularly in areas like software and wireless deployment. This trade show connects experts in wireless technology with the companies that are in need of the expertise. If your business is located on the eastern side of the country, this may be the conference for your company.


October, San Francisco

This trade show is a little bit smaller than the others on this list (usually less than 1,000 attendees) but it is a great location for any companies on the West Coast. Smaller can be better when it comes to networking, too. If your company wants a more personal trade show experience, COMPTEL PLUS is a great choice.

Attending a wireless trade show can give your business the boost it needs to take it to the next level. Not only will you be able to network in person, but you may even come away from the event having learned a few things.

Which wireless trade shows has your company attended – and which ones would you recommend to others?

safelink wireless

Industry Spotlight: Safelink Wireless

Owning a cellphone has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Safelink Wireless is an incredible cellphone program that aims to offer communication opportunities through TracFone Wireless to eligible households. TracFone Wireless, Inc. – America’s largest zero-contract cellular service provider, boasts more than 18.8 million subscribers today.

To participate in the Safelink Wireless Service, individuals are required to meet a series of important eligibility requirements. For instance, subscribers need an income that is at, or beneath 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, or participate in one of many assistance programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Food Stamps, or Low-Income Home Energy Assistance. Often, the eligibility requirements can vary according to the State wherein the individual resides, and the service is limited to one person per household.

How the Safelink Program Works

Agents that choose to access the Safelink program using Rush Star Wireless as their master dealer, gain access to not only a highly reliable mobile option that delivers connectivity to a wide range of individuals, but they also have the support and service required to help their business develop.

The TracFone Wireless concept that helps to deliver Safelink runs upon a simple formula – an exclusive focus on service. Unlike many other prepaid cell phone providers, TracFone differentiates from other connectivity options by ensuring that no customer ever has to engage with a service contract. This means that Safelink and TracFone customers access complete freedom, with no surprises, no bills, and no contracts.

Using Safelink through Rush Star Wireless works as follows:

  1. A customer enters your store to apply for eligibility within the Safelink profile. Often, this application process is simple and convenient for consumers, meaning that agents can maximize efficiency and improve organization.
  2. After processing the application, the customer will receive approval depending on their individual income. Importantly, Safelink calling plans, and the “Lifeline” program – which offers a number of free calling minutes to consumers – can only be accessed by one person per household.
  3. Finally, once the customer is approved, the agent will receive benefits for signing that consumer up to the Safelink program in the form of payment.

The Benefits of Safelink for Customers and Agents

The advantages that getting involved with Safelink can provide to agents are relatively obvious. First of all, it gives agents the opportunity to expand their marketing reach to new areas within their state – therefore improving their chances of increasing revenue. Secondly, whenever a customer is approved for the Safelink system, agents receive a financial benefit that helps them to grow their business.

At the same time, consumers receive much-needed free phones – a concept supported by the fact that TracFone consider cell phone ownership to be a necessary right for individual success in the modern world of today. Owning a cell phone offers individuals the chance to access new opportunities. For instance, cell phones give people a point of communication when applying for new careers and getting in touch with important people. Cell phones and internet connectivity allow consumers the ability to browse the web and find ways to save money on important purchases, or apply for chances they would never experience otherwise.

The Safelink wireless service gives consumers access to international long-distance calls at the same rate as nationwide calls on certain plans, making it easier to expand their reach towards new opportunities. What’s more, any unused free minutes on an individual’s plan can carry over, allowing them to save up crucial time for future telephone-based meetings.

Stay Connected

It’s easy to take the importance of instant connectivity and cell phone usage for granted in today’s world, but it’s worth recognizing just how crucial this convenience could be to people with lower incomes – who are often in need of solutions that allow them to search for potentially life-changing opportunities. At the same time, while Safelink delivers favorable circumstances to those in needs by giving them all the benefits of owning a cellphone, agents involved with Safelink benefit too! Safelink offers a comprehensive win-win situation.

prepaid mobile phones

The Future of Prepaid Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are as much a part of Americans’ everyday lives as driving cars, drinking coffee or watching television. The technology of mobile phones has advanced rapidly since the devices first started to see mass adoption in the late 1990s, and paying a monthly cellular phone bill is now just a normal expense of living in the developed world.

All of this convenience comes at a cost, though. As the sophistication and capabilities of mobile phones have risen, so has the price to use them. Today’s consumers are looking for ways to have quality wireless service without paying more than is necessary. This is has led to an increase in demand for a once much smaller division of wireless device options: prepaid mobile phones.

The Prepaid Revolution

Prepaid phones are no longer just for people who can’t afford a higher-priced plan, or who can’t pass a credit check. Most of the prepaid phones available today with much smaller access fees than those offered by major carriers are just as quality as the more expensive versions. In fact, prepaid mobile phones are more common than you probably realized. In 2011, prepaid phones accounted for 27 percent of all mobile phones purchased and that percentage has risen even more since. Of the prepaid phones purchased in 2011, 35 percent were smartphones. Consumers are beginning to realize that they do not have to be locked into a contract in order to enjoy a cutting-edge, quality phone – and that they can actually save a lot of money by going the prepaid route.

Understanding Prepaid Mobile Phones

Unlike big-name wireless carriers that work inside the networks that they built, prepaid mobile phones work on those already-built networks. This process of essentially drawing off the strength of other wireless networks is called a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO. The network you access for use of your prepaid mobile phone will vary based on the kind you choose. For your prepaid mobile device to work properly, you must plan to use it in an area that is available based on the MVNO you select.

Going with a trusted prepaid mobile phone company is essential to never sacrificing quality for a better price. You want to be sure that you are going to be able to make the calls, place the texts, and have internet access in all the places you’d like with the MVNO you pick. Some credible names in mobile prepaid wireless phones include Net10 Wireless and Simple Mobile.

There are three ways to use

prepaid mobile phones:

  • Limited plans. This gives users a set amount of data, calling minutes, and texts to use each month and the rate is steady.
  • Unlimited plans. Prepaid mobile users can opt to pay a higher rate to use as many texts, voice minutes and as much data as they want without ever worrying about overage charges (like the larger, contract-based wireless companies impose).
  • Pay-as-you-go plans. Consumers can also pay for only the amount of minutes, data and texts they use.

In all three cases, the prepaid mobile phone user is saving money on the actual access charges and can pick the plan that best fits his or her mobile phone needs.

What Prepaid Mobile Means for the Future

As more and more consumers opt out of contract-based, expensive wireless providers, prepaid mobile phones will continue to grow in popularity. The technology exists to make prepaid wireless the norm and for consumers to stop spending so much on the old-fashioned way of obtaining cellular access. Expect to see more mobile phone users switching to prepaid plans in the next few years and for contract-based options to eventually become obsolete.

Do you use a prepaid mobile device? Which one do you use or would you recommend?

Net10 Wireless

Why Should I Choose Net10 Wireless as my No-Contract Provider?

If you’ve ever had a wireless plan with one of America’s top four carriers, you know that in order to get an even remotely reasonable rate, you have to sign a contract. Most of these contracts are for two years, but a lot can happen within that timeframe to change your wireless needs. Going with a no-contract, prepaid wireless provider is a way to avoid getting trapped in a plan you don’t really need or like and to save money at the same time.

If you are considering a move from one of the larger wireless carriers to a smaller, reputable prepaid company, take a look at Net10 Wireless.

What is Net10 Wireless?

Net10 Wireless is a prepaid mobile phone provider that is designed to save consumers money on wireless access. Net10 Wireless has no towers of its own, but instead taps into the technology already built by larger, more expansive networks. This allows Net10 Wireless to give customers a great mobile phone experience at a fraction of the cost. Net10 Wireless also utilizes stores that are already in existence to sell its products and services, instead of paying employees or overhead of its own. The mobile phone and plan provider is also completely paperless, opting instead to communicate with customers online.

What services does Net10 Wireless offer?

Net10 Wireless has several options based on the needs of consumers. The mobile phone provider offers talk, text and data plans that start as low as $35 per month. Do you feel like you are being punished by your current wireless carrier for having too many people on your plan? Net10 Wireless offers family plans that start at just $75. There are also options for international calling, mobile hotspots, and even pay-as-you-go plans.

What phones does Net10 Wireless carry?

Net10 Wireless offers a wide selection of Android devices, including smartphones. Samsung, LG and Motorola are just a few of the brands of phone options available from Net10 Wireless. Already have a phone that you want to keep when you switch to Net10 Wireless? Bring it along with you to save even more.

Who benefits the most from Net10 Wireless services?

In the past, prepaid mobile phone providers were mainly utilized by people who could not afford higher-priced plans or who did not have a high enough credit rating for big-name providers. All of that has changed in recent years, however. Consumers, particularly young adults, are realizing the value of going with quality prepaid wireless plans instead of locking into contracts with larger networks. So who should tap into the services that Net10 Wireless offers? Anyone who wants the high-quality mobile phone options that are offered by the larger wireless networks, but who wants to pay a much lower price for that access.

Why should I choose Net10 Wireless as a prepaid service provider?

In short, going with Net10 Wireless will ensure quality mobile phone options at an affordable, contract-free rate. Just a few of the advantages of choosing Net10 Wireless include:

  • Coverage on reliable wireless networks. Net10 Wireless has partnerships with America’s top four carriers, which means you will be able to save money without losing quality.
  • Great phone selection. Decide on which Android phone is best for you from the wide Net10 Wireless selection, or bring your current phone along with you and save even more.
  • Several plan options. You can pick the wireless plan that best reflects your family’s usage.
  • Control of your wireless future. With no contract requirement, you can move between phones and usage plans as often as you’d like without fear of penalty or contract extension. With Net10 Wireless, it’s okay to change your mind about the type of phone or plan you or your family members need.

Going with Net10 Wireless can ensure you have quality mobile phone access without the contract commitment or high cost. Rush Star Wireless can get you set up with a Net10 Wireless account and make sure that the phone, plan and price you choose matches your mobile phone needs.

simple mobile

Should I Go with Simple Mobile as My Prepaid Wireless Carrier?

The prepaid mobile phone market is experiencing a revolution. An increasing amount of consumers who are tired of paying the high prices or signing long-term contracts with the four major U.S. wireless carriers are turning instead to the prepaid market. What was once considered a “backup plan” for consumers who could not afford wireless phone access the traditional way is now becoming mainstream because of high-quality carriers like Simple Mobile.

What is Simple Mobile?

Simple Mobile is a prepaid wireless phone provider that does not require contracts for consumers to have mobile access at a great price.  By tapping into the wireless infrastructure already built by larger, more expensive carriers, Simple Mobile customers can have high-quality mobile access without the high price tag.

Can I use my current phone with Simple Mobile?

Yes, you can bring along your current phone and phone number to a Simple Mobile account. You aren’t forced to purchase a new phone or get rid of the number that people already have saved for contacting you. If you want a new phone Simple Mobile offers a wide variety of options, including smartphones.

What advantages are there to a Simple Mobile plan?

Wireless consumers stand to win out in a lot of ways by going with a Simple Mobile wireless plan. Some of the benefits include:

  • Low-cost options. With plans starting as low as $25, there are wireless choices for even the tightest budgets. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any point with no penalties.
  • Bring-your-own device alternatives. Can’t afford a brand-new phone, or just really love the one you already own? You can bring your own unlocked device to a Simple Mobile plan to save money and maintain comfort level. You will never be forced to purchase a new phone because you want to access the Simple Mobile wireless network.
  • Fast data speeds. No need to wait around for web pages, emails or Facebook to load. Simple Mobile taps into a 4G LTE network for fast nationwide speeds. There are a wide variety of data plans available and options for sharing data between family members.
  • Keep your phone number. You can hang onto the phone number all of your family and friends already know when you come to Simple Mobile. Your contact list will be able to reach you without any interruption.
  • Online account maintenance. You can control everything about your Simple Mobile account by going online. Activate a new phone, pay your bill, or change your mobile plan just by logging in and making those changes.
  • Convenience of purchase. With over 40,000 authorized dealers in the U.S., Simple Mobile is easy to access. Rush Star Wireless is an authorized Simple Mobile dealer with great prices on phones and service plans.

How do I get started with Simple Mobile?

You can visit our site to get going with Simple Mobile. Here is how you pick out and activate a wireless plan with Simple Mobile:

  1. Decide if you want to bring your own GSM mobile phone, or purchase a new one. Not sure if you have a GSM phone? Visit the Simple Mobile site to enter the requested info to find out if the phone you own is already compatible.
  2. Buy a SIM card.
  3. Pick out the Simple Mobile plan that best fits your needs and budget and then activate it. If all you want is a simple mobile calling plan, you can go with an unlimited option for $40. If you are looking for data access and wanting to use a smartphone, you can buy plans for as little as $60. There are other basic access plans as low as $25.
  4. Program your phone using the easy-to-follow Simple Mobile guide.

Are you ready to stop paying high prices for quality wireless access? Visit Rush Star Wireless today and pick out the right Simple Mobile plan for you.

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Blu Advance Video Review

Looking to get the inside scoop on the Blu Advance?

With great specs like these on Blu Phones most affordable, entry level Android device, who could blame you…

  • Unlocked Dual SIM Phone, Dual Core 1.3 GHz Processor
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 4G 850/1700/1900 HSPA+ 21 Mbps
  • 4.0″ High Resolution WVGA Display
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack, FM Radio, MP3 Player, MP4 Player Micro SD Slot up to 32GB

Check out this video for a professional Blu Phones review:


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Wireless dealers and Blu Phone Enthusiasts…share with us your thoughts on the Blu Advance 4.0 below!

Simply Phabulous! The Blu Life View Tab “Phablet” is Here…

Blu Phones Reviews • Blu Life View Tab Review

It’s a Phone.  It’s a Tablet.  It’s both…good news Blu Phones enthusiasts:  Blu Products has rolled out it’s 8″ Tablet known as the Blu Life View Tab.

Check out this Blu Life View Tab video review:

You’re looking for a great price and no contract on a brand new Android tablet device?  No problem…the Blu Life View Tab has you covered.

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Blu Life Pure Review

Blu Phones Reviews • Blu Life Pure Unveiling

Wireless Dealers and Blu Phones enthusiatsts…

Would you like to get an inside look at Blu Life Pure, Blu Phones’ sleek and stylish flagship handset?

Check out the video below for a Blu Life Pure overview, and don’t forget to let us know your comments about this popular Blu Phones model!

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